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8.24Virtually Challenged "An Escort's Story" 3


Betrayal, hurt, and lies were all words Taylor Jones knew all too well, but she refused to fall victim to her circumstance. Taylor proved strong in situation after situation; the dreadful bathroom incident being no different. It’s been a year since that incident and she has moved on with her life.

All Taylor ever wanted was to be happy and she finally found her happily ever after in Philip Barksdale. She loves Philip and gave up escorting to be with him. Unfortunately for Taylor, no one ever said happily ever after would be easy.

When her former Misses, Sylvia, inserts herself back into Taylor’s life, things go haywire. Taylor thought escorting had become a thing of her past but before she knows it, she finds herself back in Sylvia’s scandalous web.

Can Taylor get through the drama and protect her happily ever after or has her luck run out?

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